Post Monroe – The Trio To Look Out For

Post Monroe: The Country Music Woman Trio To Look Out For

Who are these dangerous three women we keep hearing about in the media? Recently Post Monroe has been getting some traction for their song “Red Hot American Summer.” Its catchy and fun energy is undeniably addicting. It should catch the world on a hook and drag us all along their beautiful journey of Post Monroe.

Post Monroe is made up of three amazing and very unique women. Ashlee Hewitt, Whitney Duncan, and Shelby McLeod is who makes Post Monroe real. With all of their special  backgrounds, distinct voices, and life experiences, they create this wonderful group called Post Monroe. Their sound, is the combination of their voices, and it will make people all over the world stop to listen. It’s refreshing to have something new in the country music genre such as Post Monroe. Who knows, they could be here to stay, or even make some hits too and just slay.

Their voices

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Carrie Underwood Artist Bio

We fell in love with her as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. She’s been awarded numerous awards over the years. This is including seven grammy awards, nine american music awards, twelve academy of country music awards, and seventeen billboard music awards. She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was even in that weird CMT awards. Did you guess who this special person is? Carrie Underwood it is!

Carrie was born March 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She was raised on a farm with her mother, father, and two sisters. She sang all through her childhood at church and at talent shows. She was always great in school, even when she attended Northeastern State University. She worked a few jobs like waitressing, working at a zoo, and a veterinary clinic. She thought for a while that she had to be “practical” in her life and let go of her dream of becoming a singer.

Thats when

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CMT Music Awards Shocker!

The CMT Network has its very own, live CMT Music Awards every year in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a fan voted awards show for Country Music videos and television performances. It’s a place for Country Music to be recognized and appreciated. Artists come from all around for this show. They come to do performances, win awards, and support other Country artists such as themselves. The genre, country, in itself is held up to certain standards, that of being raw, real, and authentic.

The CMT Awards this year was a bit bizarre, and to some fans, that’s an understatement. It was like having an Oahu tree service company trying to demolish a building in New York. Make sense?… No?… Exactly!

If you had missed the shenanigans

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Luke Bryan Artist Bio

“We go way out where there ain’t nobody. We turn this cornfield into a party. Pedal to the floorboard, eight up in a four door. Burnin’ up a back road song. Park it and we pile out. Baby, watch your step now. Better have your boots on. Kick the dust up. Back it on up, fill your cup up, lets tear it up, up. And kick the dust up.” – Kick The Dust Up, Luke Brian

If that song doesn’t make you want to get down, I don’t know whats wrong with you! That song, if you don’t already know is by Luke Bryan. Do you wanna know more about Luke and how he came to be in the country music industry? Don’t kick up any dust here, just keep on reading.

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Blake Shelton Artist Bio

Blake Shelton Country Music Artist

Blake Shelton is now known for being an awesome four time winning coach on “The Voice.” Or maybe you’ve heard of his hit singles like “Sangria” and “Lonely Tonight.” If you haven’t already heard about his new album, “If I’m Honest,” you need to check it out. Blake has gone through quite a lot in his life so far between work and his love life. But who is he really, underneath it all?

Being raised in Ada, Oklahoma, Little Shelton was already singing when he was just a little boy. His mother being a salon owner and his father, a used car salesman, Blake grew up a typical life. Unfortunately his older brother, twenty-four years old at the time had passed away in a car accident, when he was just fourteen. After high school Blake chased a career in the music industry. He chased a dream he knew was real. He followed his heart. We are sure glad he did. 

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