Post Monroe: The Country Music Woman Trio To Look Out For

Who are these dangerous three women we keep hearing about in the media? Recently Post Monroe has been getting some traction for their song “Red Hot American Summer.” Its catchy and fun energy is undeniably addicting. It should catch the world on a hook and drag us all along their beautiful journey of Post Monroe.

Post Monroe is made up of three amazing and very unique women. Ashlee Hewitt, Whitney Duncan, and Shelby McLeod is who makes Post Monroe real. With all of their special  backgrounds, distinct voices, and life experiences, they create this wonderful group called Post Monroe. Their sound, is the combination of their voices, and it will make people all over the world stop to listen. It’s refreshing to have something new in the country music genre such as Post Monroe. Who knows, they could be here to stay, or even make some hits too and just slay.

Their voices are one of a kind. Once you hear them sing their song “Half Hearted,” you will be coming back for more. The melodies are so catchy and can become one of those songs that get stuck in your head and you are singing them over and over throughout your day. They like to keep their music strictly country and acoustic like, sticking with the kind of music they grew up listening to. While keeping themselves grounded and rooted, they can portray a raw sound of country that is enlightening to all.

They continue to keep it real with their fans by writing their own music. That is just even more of a reason to love Post Monroe. They are strong yet vulnerable women that go through this life just as we do. They just put it masterfully into song. If you really listen to the words in their personally written songs, you’ll hear the genuine thoughts and passion put into it. They like to call their songwriting time together, “therapy sessions.” They understand that women has many different sides to them and they want to bring that to light. Having the different perspectives from this trio  gives them the upper hand and are able to appeal to the masses.

These three are extremely close. You could mistaken them for being sisters. Surprisingly though they are all on different levels in life. Ashlee is married with a three year old son, Whitney is newlywed, and Shelby, the youngest of the three, is still single. Thats where the beauty of it lies. The different places in life, perspectives, and experiences is what makes Post Monroe great.

The threesome met through Shelby’s workplace. At the time she worked for Reba McEntire Starstruck Entertainment. They met through some mutual friends, things started to happen, they sang a demo with each other, and that was the start of it all. They heard magic on that demo they created. Coming up with the name was pretty simple too. Ashlee had heard back in 2008 some people call a certain fashion style “Post Monroe,” after Marilyn Monroe of course, and had been holding on to the phrase for some time. She had a good feeling about it being a good band name.

Post Monroe is so many things. Post Monroe really represents the depth of who they are as women and as artists. Hopefully this is a group you’ll fall in love with, as I did.

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