“We go way out where there ain’t nobody. We turn this cornfield into a party. Pedal to the floorboard, eight up in a four door. Burnin’ up a back road song. Park it and we pile out. Baby, watch your step now. Better have your boots on. Kick the dust up. Back it on up, fill your cup up, lets tear it up, up. And kick the dust up.” – Kick The Dust Up, Luke Brian

If that song doesn’t make you want to get down, I don’t know whats wrong with you! That song, if you don’t already know is by Luke Bryan. Do you wanna know more about Luke and how he came to be in the country music industry? Don’t kick up any dust here, just keep on reading.

Thomas Luther Bryan was born in July of 1976. He grew up in Leesburg, Georgia and attended Georgia Southern University. He received his bachelors degree in business administration. Years later he pursued a career in music and slowly gained respect and success as a song writer. Later he was signed as a performer. His first big hit was “All My Friends Say.” He now is working on his fifth album so keep an eye out for that!

Luke Bryan did go through some hardship in his life, just like many other people. He’s lost two siblings which he still battles with today. He takes care of his sister, Kelly’s son now. He still gets choked up talking about his brother that passed away when Bryan was just nineteen years old. He and his wife Caroline, have a very positive outlook on life. They hope that with their trials and tribulations they can be an inspiration to those who are going through the same things. Luke believes that even though his older brother and sister hadn’t lived out their lives, that they served a purpose. He may not fully understand but as a family they grow stronger.

Bryan and Caroline support many charities as well. They support a wide range of charities like the Red Cross and the City of Hope to AIDS and HIV, Children disaster relief, health, and human rights. Despite the things he went through in his life, he still comes out radiating this positivity that everyone can clearly see. His performances, songwriting, producing, and personal life is truly a sight to see as he continues to grow and create music for everyone to love and enjoy.

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