The CMT Network has its very own, live CMT Music Awards every year in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a fan voted awards show for Country Music videos and television performances. It’s a place for Country Music to be recognized and appreciated. Artists come from all around for this show. They come to do performances, win awards, and support other Country artists such as themselves. The genre, country, in itself is held up to certain standards, that of being raw, real, and authentic.

The CMT Awards this year was a bit bizarre, and to some fans, that’s an understatement. It was like having an Oahu tree service company trying to demolish a building in New York. Make sense?… No?… Exactly!

If you had missed the shenanigans there were a few performances by questionable artists, that left fans bewildered. From performances from artists like the rockers Cheap Trick and Rapper Pitbull, you can see why for all the confusion. It all started with a performance done outside by Billy Ray Cyrus and Cheap Trick, the Rock and Roll guys. It was mind blowing performances for some people already. Then it continues indoors with a performance by Pitbull and pop start Leona Lewis and Cassadee Pope.

Cheap Trick At CMT Awards?

Other non country artists kept appearing and performing which were angering die hard country fans. Pharrell Williams and also Fifth Harmony made appearances. All the while their fans were wondering why? The room was filled with real Country artists and people who enjoys country music and its authenticity, some of which had walked out. The hosts weren’t very engaging either and sort of made things worse with their inappropriate humor. Fans weren’t really happy with the show. You can tell just by looking at all the news that came out after the CMT Awards, especially on Social Media.

Fortunately, the whole show wasn’t rubble. Just in the nick of time the fans were revived with a stunning performance by Blake Shelton and the Oakridge Boys. The awards were given and people such as Chris Stapleton took the video of the year for “Fire Away.” Tim McGraw won music video of the year for “Humble and Kind.” Even Blake Shelton won an award, but he even thought it was peculiar.

Pitbull Performs At CMT Awards?

Stunned and confused he said, “Thats not what I was going for, but what the hell? I like to have a few drinks and get on twitter every now and then.”

Blake Shelton was named CMT Social Superstar of the year. Fans question if this is about all of the negative publicity and talk he’s had going around about his personal life. If it is, that’s probably not something you should give someone an award for.

At the CMT Music Awards 2016, they had their failures but they also had their wins. They did have amazing performances such as Carrie Underwood and her song “Church Bells.” She really took us to church with that one and blew our minds, absolutely incredible. What were your thoughts on this years CMT Awards? What did you find to be the best and the worst parts? Lets be optimistic and hope that next year will be a tad bit better. The Country Genre deserves more than what was portrayed this year. Do you not agree?

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