Blake Shelton Country Music Artist

Blake Shelton is now known for being an awesome four time winning coach on “The Voice.” Or maybe you’ve heard of his hit singles like “Sangria” and “Lonely Tonight.” If you haven’t already heard about his new album, “If I’m Honest,” you need to check it out. Blake has gone through quite a lot in his life so far between work and his love life. But who is he really, underneath it all?

Being raised in Ada, Oklahoma, Little Shelton was already singing when he was just a little boy. His mother being a salon owner and his father, a used car salesman, Blake grew up a typical life. Unfortunately his older brother, twenty-four years old at the time had passed away in a car accident, when he was just fourteen. After high school Blake chased a career in the music industry. He chased a dream he knew was real. He followed his heart. We are sure glad he did. 

His love life is interesting to say the least. Not saying he has a lot going on but he does have past and new lovers. Women that know Blake claim he is the all around perfect charmer type of man. He is said to know how to treat a lady, very tender hearted and sweet. But does all of the real man stuff as well such as fish, hunt, cook, etc. He was married to Miranda Lambert for a while before getting a divorce. It’s said that the feelings were mutual. Lambert and Shelton did not envision their marriage to turn out that way but asked friends and family to kindly be compassionate of the very personal issue at hand.

Fast forward to his new love. After working with Gwen Stefani on the hit show, “The Voice,” they started to slowly started to see each other and go on a few dates. They are in the works of creating songs together and performed one on an episode of the “The Voice, in 2016.” It’s hard keeping up with those two. You never know what it’ll be, marriage, kids, or just a great relationship.

Blake Shelton is an all around great guy. He is a top charts music creator and an incredible mentor for other artists and musicians. He is a very interesting person with a sarcasm that could make you red from laughter and a sensitive side to him that would make you want to be his best friend. Just listen to his music, and watch his shows, and I’m sure you’ll love and respect him too.

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